Sober Housing


Provide supportive sober living environment to applicants, and meet the need for appropriate community integration of recovering individuals into the workplace and society. The house will provide a safe, secure, mutually supportive, peer driven recovery environment that will aid residents in rebuilding their lives.

Healing Point House is a sober living program that provides stable and affordable housing for individuals committed to their recovery. In operation since 2016, Healing Point is the first and only established sober house in Ozaukee County designed to serve male county residents.

Whether an individual is anticipating a release from incarceration or has been working on sobriety in a residential treatment program, the transition back to living in the community can be a vulnerable time in the early phases of recovery. Healing Point House provides a drug and alcohol-free alternative for those looking to practice skills of recovery, such as accountability and cooperation, amongst other like-minded residents. The program within the house offers structure for daily living as residents work on recovery and take steps toward eventual independent living in the community.

Mission: to provide a sober living environment for individuals to establish foundational support in early recovery.

Location: Saukville, Wisconsin


To begin, please contact the Program Director of Starting Point to indicate your interest in the program. You will be informed whether there is vacancy, and will be asked several questions regarding eligibility. If you appear eligible, you will receive the Healing Point application via email or mail.

Once your application is received, it will be reviewed by Starting Point staff and the Healing Point House Manager. If you are found a good fit and are available, you will be invited to the next Healing Point House Meeting to visit the house and be interviewed by the Healing Point staff and current residents. Upon acceptance to the program, you will arrange a date/time for your move-in intake with Healing Point staff. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, it may be arranged over the phone.

If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Drews at


  • • Age 18 or older
  • • Ozaukee County resident (or history of residency, with plans to transition back to Ozaukee County)
  • • Must uphold sobriety as your top priority
  • • Must have 30 days of continuous sobriety at the time of application
  • • Must be committed and motivated to participate actively in a 12-step recovery program
  • • Must be willing to maintain active cooperation within a sober living community
  • • Must be interested in job development and/or continuing education
  • • Must be mentally and physically able to work, attend school and/or volunteer full-time
  • • Must be able to meet financial obligations of housing and personal needs
  • • Must commit to a minimum of 6-12 months of residency in the program

sober housing living room

sober housing kitchen

sober housing bedroom


Q: Is Healing Point a treatment center? Do you provide counseling or case management services?
Healing Point is not a treatment center, so it does not provide professional counseling. The house also does not provide case management services that would assist with basic skills of living, or in support of treating mental health or physical health needs. If you feel you would benefit from an intensive outpatient or basic outpatient treatment program while residing at the house, you can pursue this as needed on your own. Starting Point can provide treatment referrals for you if needed.

Q: Is Healing Point a halfway house?
Healing Point House is not a halfway house. As a sober living program, our purpose is to assist those who look at their sobriety as a life or death situation. While you can expect freedom to work and participate in outside activities and hobbies as appropriate, you can also expect a culture of cooperation and accountability with working a program and building structure in your life -- all of which can help increase your chances of maintaining sobriety for the long haul. If your goal is to successfully recover and rebuild your life, then Healing Point can be a great tool to help you in that.

Q: Would I be considered a tenant?
While residing at a sober living house, you are not legally considered a tenant under the federal Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act. You would not have the same rights as a legal tenant, and for this reason, members in the house would not go through an eviction process in order to be removed.

Q: Do I have to work?
If you don't have a job when you first move in, we expect you to actively seek employment and keep Healing Point staff informed of your progress. You will be expected to heavily focus on finding immediate employment within the first 30 days. 

Q: What if I'm on disability and I'm not able to work?
Everyone who resides in the house must work a minimum of 30 hours per week. However, we take into account your other commitments and activities, such as school and consistent volunteering in the community.

Q: What is expected of me once I'm at Healing Point?
To help the house serve its purpose, you will be expected the follow the house rules, policies and expectations. These requirements cover guidelines that help make the house a comfortable and cooperative environment for all residents. In addition to this, you will generally be expected to be active in your recovery, to get along with others and build structure into your life, namely through employment and meeting attendance.

Q: Can I take medications while living at Healing Point? Will I be around medications that are prone to abuse?
You are allowed to take medications with prior approval from staff, given you continue to provide verification of your updated prescriptions as you receive them. If a potential member requires medications that can be abused, prior approval and ongoing supervision by Healing Point staff will be required.

Q: Can I have a car? What if I don't have a car?
You can keep one vehicle at the house, provided it runs and has up-to-date registration and insurance. Healing Point provides on-site bicycles, and there are county shared ride taxis in the area. If you don't have a car, there are numerous employment opportunities in the area within walking distance.

Q: I have a court case and/or I'm currently on probation/extended supervision. Is Healing Point willing to work with my officer?
Your success is our goal, so yes -- we are happy to assist in reporting to your supervision officer.

Have questions or ready to apply?
Contact the Program Director at 414-943-6049 or via email at

Starting Point, Inc.

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