Living Everyday Alcohol and Drug-free (LEAD)

What is LEAD?

The Living Everyday Alcohol and Drug-free (LEAD) program began as a teen training program in 1978 and became PREP in 1980 and LEAD in 2007. LEAD is designed to address and reduce alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) use by underage youth. LEAD is a countywide network of high school students who have agreed to live ATOD-free. Students renew this pledge annually. LEAD is based on the premise that peers are a major source of influence and information for one another. Members receive ATOD education, leadership training, and support for a healthy lifestyle through fun, alternative activities.

How Can You Get Involved?

LEAD members may choose to participate in a variety of ATOD prevention activities.  These activities are divided into the following levels:



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  • Membership Level:  At this level, the LEAD member will make a commitment to live an ATOD-free lifestyle.  Students are expected to sign a contract to be alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-free. They also participate in activities and attend scheduled, in-school education sessions.
  • Educator Level:  Members may participate in cross-age education programs sharing their knowledge with 5th grade students.  
  • Leadership Level:  Members may choose to participate in a leadership capacity by serving on the countywide Student Advisory Board.  This board is the decision-making body of LEAD and is comprised of representatives from each of the five Ozaukee County high schools.
  • Wisconsin WINS: Wisconsin WINS is a statewide coordinated effort involving youth and adult teams who visit tobacco retailers in every Wisconsin County. The teams evaluate whether businesses are complying with state laws regulating the sale of tobacco products. 
  • FACT: We're not interested in preaching at teens or bashing smokers. Nobody's going to tell you what to do. FACT is here to fight the tobacco industry. Truth is, Big Tobacco is our only target—because they're targeting us. So we're going after their one–and–only soft spot (their billion–dollar pocketbooks) with actions that reveal the truth about their lies.

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